Peoples’ Social Forum – A Call to Action

In January 2001, grassroots activists from all over the world gathered in Brazil to counter the Davos economic summit. The goal was to craft a peoples’ agenda for the world instead of a corporate agenda. The World Social Forum was born. Since then, the annual gathering has served as a vital opportunity to build community and resistance.

Now this movement is coming to Canada.  On August 21-24 thousands of Canadians gathered in Ottawa for the first national Peoples’ Social Forum.

But the convergence is not just happening in Ottawa. Regional forums have been happening all over the country to build grassroots capacity where it is needed most.

On September 19-21, the Saskatchewan Peoples’ Social Forum will build links between groups and social movements in Saskatchewan. The event will be taking place at the University of Regina and will feature educational workshops, networking opportunities and action planning.

We will cover issues ranging from privatization and attacks on public services, environmental issues like the Energy East Pipeline, Indigenous Rights, and how we can build progressive communities in Saskatchewan.

The anchor groups for the Saskatchewan Planning Committee are the Council of Canadians, Clean Green Regina and Mother Earth Justice Advocates. Organizers are involved from a variety of organization included CUPW, Waterwatch, Next Up, CUPE National, SCIC and RPIRG.

Where you come in

In order for this event to be a success, we need support from activists and organizations from around the province. Please consider getting involved shaping and participating in the Forum.

  • Host a Workshop: If you are interested in hosting a workshop, please fill out the form here: Deadline for submissions in August 30.
  • Promote the Peoples Social Forum: Please share the world about the People Social Forum. You can circulate an email to your contact list, share on facebook or put up a poster in your workplace.
  • Register to attend: Registration for this event is a sliding scale of $10-$25, but no one will be turned away due to lack of finances. We will also have travel subsidies available for those who need it. Register here:
  • Volunteer: The Peoples’ Social Forum is a grassroots, volunteer driven initiative. We need all the help we can get! If you are interested getting more involved, please go to:
  • Donate: We are looking to raise $5,000 to cover the costs of hosting the Saskatchewan Forum. Any help is appreciated.

For more information or to get involved, please contact or check out our website  at


Welcome to the People’s Social Forum

We are facing unique challenges here in Saskatchewan. We have a very popular right wing government that has ripped apart labour legislation, is privatizing public services and is pursuing resource extraction without any thought to environmental protection. We only have one MP that isn’t a member of the conservative party .
Often social movements in Saskatchewan are not reflected in the national dialogue.

Furthermore, we are also facing the growing impacts of right wing federal and provincial government policies that are hurting our environment, our farmers, our workers and our families. We need to make sure we have a presence at the national forum to raise national awareness of our issues here, but we also have a unique opportunity to use this gathering to build our own social movement capacity here.

To build capacity for social change in Saskatchewan we are hosting a Saskatchewan Peoples’ Social Forum from Sept 19-21 to build relationships and solidarity between movements. There will be panel discussions, workshops, movement assemblies and an action.

Full agenda and details on how to register are coming soon. We are still in the early planning stages, so if you have ideas, suggestions, or want to get involved, please contact

Local volunteers meet with the On to Ottawa Caravan. We are part of a national movement, building capacity locally.